Get your travel insurance online in 5 minutes

Getting comprehensive travel insurance isn’t a chore – it’s a 5-to-10-minute online process that you can do yourself without needing an insurance broker or phoning a call centre.

We’ll walk you through the process and give you the information you need to make an informed decision on getting the best travel insurance for you.

Are you unsure what insurance option is right for you?

We’ve drawn up a simple guide to help you choose the best policy option. *

*Please note that this is an illustrative guide for informational purposes only and does not constitute official financial advice. The information contained in the graphic below was as up-to-date as possible, but any changes will be reflected in the online purchasing system. This graphic is not a substitute you reading the policy wording, as that reflects the actual cover purchased relevant to you.

The next step is to transfer to the secure online policy system.

All you need to proceed is:

  • The start and end dates of your travel
  • Your main destination
  • The number of people travelling
  • The date of birth, and ID or passport numbers of the travelers
  • A credit card

Got everything and want to proceed? Let’s get you covered »

Online Policy Generation System Walk-through

The next step is to transfer to the online policy system. If you would like preview of what this process looks like, the gallery below will give you snapshots of the next steps.

The final page of the online system generator will provide you with your policy, and it will be emailed immediately to you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Travel Insurance

We’ve compiled some of the most common questions you might have about travel insurance.

Yesterday, possibly over 1000 flights were cancelled globally. (Live flight stats)

You could have been booked to be one of them, and now you’re stranded at the airport, missing your connecting flight, your hotel booking and your concert or your business meeting. The reality of travel is that there are many things outside of your control that can have a negative impact on your trip and your back pocket.

Travel insurance is there to assist you when these things happen. The key areas that our online travel insurance policy covers are:

  • Emergency medical and related expenses, paid in foreign currencies. A GP trip in the UK can cost you £200, and the medical expenses in the USA are astronomical.
  • Lost luggage and personal effects
  • Costs for delayed or cancelled flights or trips
  • Accidental disability and death cover
  • Personal liability cover

Because of the likelihood of problems and the financial impact, proof of travel insurance is mandatory when visiting many countries, especially during the visa application process.

Considering the cost of travel insurance as a percentage of the entire cost of your trip, is it really worth it not taking comprehensive travel insurance?


Some banks offer free travel insurance if you purchase your travel tickets using that credit card. However, as it is a free value-added product, it’s not as comprehensive as you’d think. Here are some of the drawbacks of free travel insurance products:

  • They’re limited in terms of cover
    The values offered are a one-size-fits-all policy that gives you basic travel insurance. However, don’t under-estimate the cost of re-booking flights or medical expenses when you’re paying in a foreign currency. Your free policy might have vague terms such as “reasonable expenses” whereas our policies are explicit in the total value of cover you’re getting.
  • They don’t cover all aspects of your trip
    Some free policies only cover the travel expenses paid by the card. If you’ve paid for certain expenses via EFT or with other banking products, you might not be completely covered.
  • They don’t cover any adventure sports
    If you’re looking to go quad-biking, rock-climbing or any list of activities listed here, your free insurance won’t cover you. We have a specific product for Adventure Travel that can protect you for these activities.

Considering the marginal cost of a comprehensive travel insurance policy, it’s really worth ensuring you’ve got yourself properly covered.

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