Why do I need travel insurance?

Yesterday, possibly over 1000 flights were cancelled globally. (Live flight stats)

You could have been booked to be one of them, and now you’re stranded at the airport, missing your connecting flight, your hotel booking and your concert or your business meeting. The reality of travel is that there are many things outside of your control that can have a negative impact on your trip and your back pocket.

Travel insurance is there to assist you when these things happen. The key areas that our online travel insurance policy covers are:

  • Emergency medical and related expenses, paid in foreign currencies. A GP trip in the UK can cost you £200, and the medical expenses in the USA are astronomical.
  • Lost luggage and personal effects
  • Costs for delayed or cancelled flights or trips
  • Accidental disability and death cover
  • Personal liability cover

Because of the likelihood of problems and the financial impact, proof of travel insurance is mandatory when visiting many countries, especially during the visa application process.

Considering the cost of travel insurance as a percentage of the entire cost of your trip, is it really worth it not taking comprehensive travel insurance?

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