Why Isn’t Milroy Insurance Solutions Your Broker?

    Insurance isn’t the most exciting product. In fact, some see it as a grudge purchase and an expense that could be better spent elsewhere.

    Until you suffer a major loss and need compensation to put you back on your feet.

    This is where Milroy Insurance Solutions comes in. We’re your pathway to insurance-peace-of-mind and take care of the admin that comes with insurance.

    In case you need more convincing, here are 5 reasons why to place your insurance with us:

    1. One-on-One Advice

    You can pick up the phone right now and get a call centre agent from a major insurance company to give you cover, but those people are just agents and not fully-trained nor have the experience a dedicated broker has.

    We prefer to get to know you and ask the right questions, and then decide who is the best underwriter for your insurance needs. We also have experience in how insurance companies can try and make your life difficult, so we know what information to ask to structure your policy correctly. We also ensure you’re educated about what your policy covers and what you’re entitled to do with each product.

    2. A Real Spectrum of Competitive Quotes and Products

    Unlike some well-advertised insurance comparison services, we really can offer different quotes from completely different underwriters which are like-for-like. Our independence also ensures that we’re not baised or incentivised to push the wrong product to you, and we really have negotiating power to get you the best value.

    We also have access to some niche products you possibly didn’t know existed , like specialised cover for your bicycle or watercraft.

    3. We Focus on Value, not Cost

    The predominant marketing you’re likely to see out there is all about the price of the premium. Sure, the cost is important, but it’s only one part of the formula. Our clients want value for money, not a budget price. The secret to insurance is you get what you pay for, and we’re there to ensure you’re covered correctly by an underwriter that takes insurance seriously.

    4. We Fight For You, not With You

    Insurance companies can be the quickest in getting you covered, but the slowest in settling your claim. We’re only the advisory face of the companies we deal with, but we also know who to speak to when things go wrong, and we also can motivate and fight for your rights when there’s a dispute, at no extra cost to you.

    5. We’ve Been in the Industry for Over a Decade

    We’ve seen the rise of direct insurance products, interesting marketing campaigns, different spins on cheap insurance, logo rebrands, consolidation and diversification in the industry – and the basics haven’t changed. Who would you like to manage the risk of your car, your possessions and the material devices that make your life possible? We’ve survived not because our product is always in demand, but because our clients stick with us, and bring their families, friends and their businesses.

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